Southern wind’s semi-custom and full-speed superyachts are made for sailors, by sailors

Asia Pacific Boating, March 2016

Superior performance is achieved through the accurate design of hull lines and placement of rigs and appendages, as well as precise longitudinal distribution of volumes. Further technical innovations have been achieved through collaborations with acclaimed naval architects Farr Yacht Design and Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design. Both companies hail from the thrilling world of competitive racing, and have together conceived SWS’s trademark smooth-sailing hulls with balanced movements.

Research and development also play crucial roles in the construction of SWS yachts. Over the past 15 years, the shipyard has gained exceptional experience in the lamination of infused carbon composite sandwich (carbon fibre, Kevlar, epoxy resin and Corecel/Klegecell) in the structural components of its yachts.
This composite material results in the best fibre/resin ratio, reducing the weight of the yacht and improving overall quality and strength. When it comes to furnishings, many of the yacht panels use a lightweight sandwich made up of wood veneer with a honeycomb structure or foam core.
Though more expensive than traditional plywood, it allows considerable reduction in weight and guarantees a rich, warm finish.