The Leeward Islands make up the central region of the Caribbean Sea. Located between Puerto Rico and Dominica, the slow-paced Leeward Islands are legendary for their stunning natural beauty which exudes a calm and tranquil ambience. The romantic European heritage of these Islands is unmistakable in this colorful blend of French, English, Dutch, and local culture, all set in a land where rich green volcanic peaks tumble down to sparkling waters and brilliant palm-fringed beaches.

Not to be missed

St Martin, one of the main island of the archipelago, has something for everyone, whether you’re into watersports, diving, sunbathing, golf or deep-sea fishing, the tropical climate and dependable trade winds provide ideal conditions for all types of leisure pursuits all year round. Saint Barthélemy, known as St Barth, embodies a seductive blend of European sophistication, natural beauty, and relaxed island charm. Considered the Caribbean’s most sophisticated island, it’s a popular inclusion in any yacht charter itinerary in the Leeward Islands and the home to the very famous St Barths Bucket Yacht Regatta.

The most northerly island of the Leeward group, Anguilla is everyone’s dream of a tropical island: white sandy beaches, crystalline waters, tranquil bays fringed with palm trees and fanned by soothing breezes. The largest of the British Leeward Islands, Antigua, is known for superlative boating, exemplary food, family-friendly activities, and legendary cocktails. Encompassing 108 square miles of beautiful coastline, Antigua is one of the top Caribbean holiday destinations, offering 365 white sand beaches, and a wide array of entertainment. Sport is a major part of Antiguan life – from world-class regattas such as Antigua Sailing Week. Barbuda is a natural paradise untouched by tourism, with thriving wilderness and flora and fauna like no other island.