There is no better way than chartering a superyacht to discover some of the most fascinating destinations in a very unique way. Whether it’s breath-taking natural beauty, intriguing historical heritage or adrenaline adventure that you’re searching for, the SWS fleet offers you plenty of possibilities to make your dream come true.


The rich palette of Mediterranean colours, foods, traditions, sounds and history comes to life in no better way than when experienced as a guest on your own private yacht charter.
Thanks to the Mediterranean’s unique combination of pleasant climate, beautiful locations, fascinating history and diverse cultures, your charter experience will be varied and exciting.




Sailing the Caribbean is a unique opportunity to experience a wide diversity of cultures through the spectacular scenery, colonial history and fantastic foods that are to be encountered on more than 7,000 islands. Crystal-clear, sparkling blue waters, long stretches of white-sand beaches, secluded anchorages and incredible flora and fauna mix beautifully with luxury facilities to ensuring your every desire is a reality


The South Pacific embodies the essence of a tropical paradise so ingrained in the popular consciousness that images of palms swaying in trade winds, surf breaking on coral reefs, and cloud-shrouded mountains cloaked in lush greenery come immediately to mind. A South Pacific yacht charter for many represents the dream of a lifetime, an opportunity to experience the beauty firsthand in a cruise to Bora-Bora or among the islands of Tonga.