Owning a superyacht brings great enjoyment but a wide range of liabilities too.
Our Yacht Management service offers Owners the opportunity to sail in complete tranquillity whether their yacht is enjoyed privately or chartered commercially.

This service can either be offered “on demand” to solve specific issues as they arise or on a contractual basis.

Yacht Management SWS

A Yacht Management contract begins with a thorough assessment of the Yacht’s folder. Based on the assessment findings and on the team’s experience in managing similar yachts, YM will proactively highlight initiatives to prevent exposure to liabilities or issues with Registry, Class Authorities, insurers and crew.

YM acts on the owner’s behalf, reporting as single point of contact for a broad range of sensitive decisions that need to be addressed during Ownership while taking care of the yacht’s general compliance with applicable rules.

YM collaborates with the owner’s consultants and employees for tailored, smooth and comprehensive assistance from the time of the yacht’s purchase. From managing the safety of navigation setup to overseeing refit work, YM’s goal is to make sure that ownership is a pleasant experience while the yacht maintains its value and seafaring readiness.

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