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On May 12th 2018, Willy Persico, Southern Wind founder and CEO, suddenly passed away. Thanks to his vision and his great passion Southern Wind is today one of the leading players in the luxury superyacht market. His heritage is in each of the yachts he delivered, in the eyes of all the owners he has made happy over the years and in the pride of his team.

Since its foundation, SWS has specialized in the production of semi-custom high performance superyachts. Each of the projects launched over the shipyard’s history has given rise to successful mini-series each of which has contributed in its own way to consolidating SWS solid reputation.

Investment in research, product development and the latest construction techniques has been of paramount importance to SWS’s technological innovation over the years. As a result, the shipyard is entirely selfsufficient in all aspects of yacht manufacturing, from lamination and steelwork to carpentry, painting and interior assembly.


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