Capri, May 27, 2016

The SWS Anniversary celebration yesterday evening was a big success with the official unveiling of the shipyard’s new projects, the RP90, the SW 96 and the SW105. Racing today was postponed until 1:00 PM then was held along a custom windward/leeward course that made the best of the day’s light breezes. The first three boats were Seawave, Grande Orazio by Pioneer Investments and Whisper once again.

The SWS anniversary celebration, with dinner and dancing under the moonlit Faraglioni, was a joyous event where the shipyard’s new projects, the RP90, the SW96 and the SW105 were officially unveiled. These new projects are an evolution on the shipyard’s high performance low displacement cruisers that take advantage of new technology and design elements: lifting keels, pre-peg carbon and Nomex construction and ever more sophisticated hydraulics.

Today’s light breezes meant that racing at the Southern Wind 25th Anniversary and Rendezvous, was postponed until almost 1:00 PM. The race followed a custom designed windward/leeward course that made the best of the day’s light air.

Seawave confirmed her previous day’s performance, followed again by Grande Orazio by Pioneer Investments and Whisper. “My husband only missed the first day of sailing because of his cast and for the past two days the whole family has been aboard. Our daughters, especially our oldest one, liked sailing before; now after racing they really love it. They are taking some time off from school to participate, but I think that sailing is a very educational experience and is worth it. They both pitch in to help aboard and have found their roles even amongst the professionals our skipper has hired.”

Seawave’s professionals include navigator Titch Blachford. “I used to do a lot of girlie sailing,” says this veteran of top-level women’s sailing events with a bit of a wicked smile. “Recently I’ve sailed on the J Class Rainbow and several Maxis. Moving onto the larger boats is a bit of a learning curve: everything has to be in place to keep things fun and safe. I have come to the Med to do a series of regattas aboard Seawave starting with the Southern Wind Trophy. From here we’ll go to the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta in Porto Cervo and then on to the Superyacht Cup in Palma. It should be fun,” she adds with a bit of understatement.

The owner of Farewell was honoured with a prize at yesterday evening’s anniversary celebration for having commissioned the first SW100, a series that went on to include 13 yachts. “This year is extra special for us too as it’s Farewell’s tenth anniversary. When she was launched, my third child was just one year old and one of my daughters said that Farewell was like me: sporty, elegant and with lots of love inside. She also said not to follow the path, but to leave a path for others and seeing how successful the SW100 series has been I guess I did as she said. I’m especially happy to be here with the club I’m Commodore of, the Circolo Canottieri Aniene. I have our best three sailing teams aboard, teams that we sail against then unite for Maxi races. There hasn’t been much wind, but it really doesn’t matter when you’re in a place like Capri. I have sailed all over the world but haven’t seen many places as spectacular as the Faraglioni. Here there’s beauty, history, camaraderie and sport, a winning combination.”

The owner of Illusion of the Isles has his own take on the Trophy and Rendezvous: he’s racing as if he were cruising. “I came here with six friends to celebrate Willy Persico and his achievement. I didn’t prepare the boat for racing; we’re all sleeping aboard and champagne is our most important fuel. I commissioned Illusion in 2005 and have been participating in the Trophies and following Southern Wind Shipyard’s evolution since then; it’s a really moving to be part of this celebration.”

Racing is scheduled to begin at 11:00 AM tomorrow along a course that will be chosen according to the weather. Conditions should again be calm and breezes light.

Southern Wind Shipyard thanks its special partners in this event, Axa Yachting Solutions, Raymarine, and Profumi Acampora.