Smart custom design and construction offer the most versatile and cost-effective platform for enjoying bluewater sailing. SWS works with leading design studios and naval architects such as Nauta Design, Farr Yacht Design and Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design to develop and engineer the basic design package that our owners then customise to meet their needs. Over the past quarter of a century, SWS has continuously upgraded and fine-tuned these platforms, as well as the construction processes, to ensure they remain at the forefront of technology.
Smart custom does not mean less choice. There is ample room for personalization along the way and although all our yachts share a common heritage, no two are the same. In fact, smart custom at SWS means customizing all that is visible on the yacht while relying on tried-and-tested solutions for the elements that are not.


Bluewater sailing is best enjoyed in yachts that navigate safely in all weather conditions. To assure robust reliability and a satisfying experience to ocean-going yachtsmen the shipyard has perfected carbon construction techniques and uses a series construction methodology based on smart repeatability. The end result speaks for itself: uniquely beautiful and dependable sailing yachts that routinely make bluewater maiden voyages of 7,000 nautical miles from the tip of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea.


Sailing is all about having fun, whether your priorities are gentle cruising, superyacht racing or long-range voyaging. The SWS Team knows that sailors crave the sensation of connection between the sea and sails, the hull and helm, so Southern Wind yachts provide the perfect combination of comfort and handling, seakeeping and performance. The shipyard builds in carbon fibre because it is incredibly light, rigid and strong, qualities which translate into speed, acceleration and excitement. SWS meticulously calculates the exact centre of gravity for perfect balance and adds direct steering so you feel every twitch and shudder of the hull beneath your fingertips. Take the helm of a Southern Wind yacht and you quickly realise it is designed and engineered for those who want the very best sailing experience.


At the heart of every SWS yacht is a passion for craftsmanship coupled with quality. The shipyard is entirely self-sufficient in every stage of manufacturing, from lamination and steelwork to carpentry, painting and interior outfitting. Having complete control over the construction and installation phases, allows to monitor each step in the process and guarantee an outstanding product. Equally important is the Customer Care division. Offering high-quality warranty and after-sales assistance, the team can provide owners around the world with complete peace of mind that their yachts will be maintained and protected to the highest standards for future generations to enjoy.

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