Southern Wind has earned an unrivalled reputation as premier sailing yacht builders of high-performance composite yachts in the range of 30m+. With 30 years of shipbuilding experience, Southern Wind has created award-winning performance racing and cruising yachts. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we have developed exceptionally seaworthy, elegant vessels for a discerning clientele. Every maiden voyage to the Mediterranean is the ultimate test for our semi-custom yachts.


The SW72 mini series first brought the yacht builder to public attention in the early 90s and was the beginning of its fruitful collaboration with Farr Yacht Design. The 72’ yacht was designed for coastal cruising as well as for serious open water passages, and it became the prototype for all of Southern Wind’s later cruising yachts.

The sailing yacht builders improved upon the design launching the SW95 and SW93 while beginning a long-standing collaboration with Nauta Design in 2000. In the same year, SWS introduced carbon fibre in the manufacturing process.

By 2005, the introduction of Pre-preg and epoxy resin ensured the boats were even lighter but stronger.

These technological innovations were used in the SW100 mini-series, which made SWS the leading sailing yacht builder of 100’ yachts. At that time, Southern Wind also created some outstanding custom yachts and one-offs such as SW72 KIBOKO TUJA.





Soon after the introduction of carbon for lighter state-of-the-art interiors, Southern Wind won the 2015 edition of the World Superyacht Awards for SW102RS FARFALLA. But that is far from the sailing yacht builders’ only award. Its first win came in 2008 when SW100 MRS SEVEN won Premio Barca dell’Anno (Boat of the Year), and it has won the Nautical Design Award twice for SW110 THALIMA (2010) and SW94 KIBOKO (2011). Most recently, SW96 SEATIUS was awarded ‘Best Interior Design for Sailing Yachts’ in the 2019 Showboats Design Awards and has been a finalist in countless other awards and categories.


Southern Wind yachts are designed for bluewater cruising and racing. It is not surprising that you will find them in the most prestigious races in the world. The South African yacht builders are proud to see their lightweight, high-performance boats participate and triumph in regattas, often resulting in podium finishes.

The Maxi Rolex Cup, New Zealand Millennium Cup, Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta and St Barths Bucket are just some of the races that previous SWS yachts have triumphed in.

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