Southern Wind hits a sweet spot in Palma

Just as we were getting ready to say good-bye to the summer, we found ourselves celebrating the Southern Wind family in the company of friends. A mini-fleet of Southern Wind yachts had gathered in the pearl of the Mediterranean: three days of sailing, sea trials and friendly competition followed.

We were proud and happy to see SatisfactionKiboko Tres and Power of 2, the three new SW105s, all moored close to one another in Palma. Also at the docks was SW96 Seatius, just back from a summer in New England and, representing the iconic SW100 mini-series, was SW100 L’Ondine.

A fleet of SWS yachts enjoyed sailing in the bay and on Wednesday evening we took advantage of the occasion to gather about forty Palma-based SWS captains and crew for a cocktail. We all shared stories while the SWS team thanked them for their continuing service.

Palma welcomed us with spectacular conditions proving once again to be the sweet spot of the sailing world!

This is the result of SW105 Kiboko and SW96 Seatius meeting in the Bay of Palma and enjoying a “champagne match race” for the first time.


Ph. Sailing Energy_Jesús Renedo