“We came here with our family and a group of friends to meet other owners and share some stories. Racing is not our objective even though we are participating in the racing programme, we really aren’t equipped to win. We participated in the Southern Wind Trophy in 2012 and since then the yacht has spent her winters in the West Indies and her summers based in Palma. We get to spend about six weeks aboard yearly. Our kids love the boat and are now old enough to invite some friends too. And every September I enjoy a girl’s long weekend around Nice and St Tropez with my best friends. Our chef is excellent, so we don’t even have to go ashore unless it’s for shopping.”

SW100 L’Ondine Owner


  • Illusion of the Isles Owner

    I commissioned Illusion in 2005 and have been participating in the Trophies and following Southern Wind Shipyard’s evolution since then

  • Mrs Marietta Cube Lady Owner

    This has been a wonderful event. I was really moved when Willy Persico gave his speech about the shipyard’s history

  • SWS Guest

    It’s wonderful to see what good relationships everyone shares from Willy Persico, to the owners and crews to all the Southern Wind staff