“This year is extra special for us too as it’s Farewell’s tenth anniversary. When she was launched, my third child was just one year old and one of my daughters said that Farewell was like me: sporty, elegant and with lots of love inside. She also said not to follow the path, but to leave a path for others and seeing how successful the SW100 series has been I guess I did as she said. I’m especially happy to be here with the club I’m Commodore of, the Circolo Canottieri Aniene. I have our best three sailing teams aboard, teams that we sail against then unite for Maxi races. There hasn’t been much wind, but it really doesn’t matter when you’re in a place like Capri. I have sailed all over the world but haven’t seen many places as spectacular as the Faraglioni. Here there’s beauty, history, camaraderie and sport, a winning combination.”

Sw100 Farewell Owner



  • Illusion of the Isles Owner

    I commissioned Illusion in 2005 and have been participating in the Trophies and following Southern Wind Shipyard’s evolution since then

  • Mrs Marietta Cube Lady Owner

    This has been a wonderful event. I was really moved when Willy Persico gave his speech about the shipyard’s history

  • SWS Guest

    It’s wonderful to see what good relationships everyone shares from Willy Persico, to the owners and crews to all the Southern Wind staff