Explore Sardinia through a Gourmet Charter Experience: A Feast for All the Senses!

.Charter  life is also about indulging in the finest gourmet meals prepared by our expert yacht chefs. Each meal on board is a celebration of local, fresh products and traditional recipes, making your culinary time an integral part of the journey.

Discover Sardinia’s emerald waters and explore the region through its exquisite cuisine.

From the northern wonders of Tavolara and the enchanting Archipelago della Maddalena, close to Corsica’s stunning Bonifacio, to the historic charm of Cagliari in the south, Sardinia offers a perfect blend of untamed landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and glamorous destinations like Costa Smeralda.

This Mediterranean gem is not only a paradise for sailing but also a culinary haven, inviting you to discover its exquisite local cuisine and products.



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