In the last 5 years, Southern Wind has made a great leap forward in “customisation”. Today and to an even greater degree tomorrow, we offer much more than semi-custom yachts. We have coined a new phase, not semi-custom but smart-custom, where the initial platforms have been purpose created so that owners can adapt them to their needs while still leaving the reliable, tested base structures untouched. We aren’t offering something slightly better than a series build, we’re creating smart-custom yachts. We listen to our potential client’s needs and we can come back with the best solutions based on our 30 years of experience in building superyachts. Our smart custom approach blends innovation with tried and true technology.

This capability to offer increased customisation has come because we have changed the way the shipyard works. This is an area where we have improved greatly in the past five years. For an example of how things have changed look at the SW105’: we have made five different yachts all with different setups using the same dependable base platform. As a matter of fact, this project was built in 4 different keel configurations, 3 different sail plans, 4 different deck configurations and five different interior styles and layout.

Profile of SW105 ft Smart Custom Yacht Design


The recently unveiled SW108 HYBRID, is a brand new project that embraces this philosophy, perfecty balancing customization, innovation, reliability, sustainability and efficiency.

We have been able to achieve this goal thanks to a new organisation of our production that gives a priority to flexibility while still respecting efficiency.

Andrea Micheli, SWS Commercial Director, tells us what’s behind this “smart” yacht’s concept and how Southern Wind evolved from a customisation point of view.

Design Your Own Yacht: Southern Wind Keel Configuration

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