Exploring Sørvind with Seahorse Magazine

In a recent article, Seahorse Magazine explores the newly-delivered SW105 Sørvind, from the concept guiding the bespoke design and layout to all the construction and customisation process. An excerpt of the article can be viewed below.

Sørvind: the same but different

Boat no. 5 in the Southern Wind 105 series displays more custom tweaks while maintaining every ounce of quality and performance… again!

SW105 Sørvind was launched in March and, like all the previews superyachts of the 105 series, is subtly but significantly unique.

Made to measure for a keen lifelong sailor, this SW105 is a pure performance cruiser: fast and comfortable in equal measure but above all simply a joy to sail.

With a clear design brief built on the owner’s three core pillars of “distinct, refined and essential”, the project got under way with a design loop in which Southern Wind, Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design worked with the owner and his captain Timothy Anderson to customise and style the boat.

Sørvind’s design brief calls for a high performance blue water cruiser that will be fast and fun to sail but she is the first SW105 that has been optimised for success on the charter market. Special attention has been dedicated to hospitality and specifically, towards the enjoyment and overall experience of everyone that sails on board.

The ‘Nordic cool’ style of Sørvind’s interior draws some of its inspiration from the SW96 Seatius, which won a major marine industry design and innovation award in 2019 with a similar interior created by the same team – Nauta Design working with Jeroen Machielsen of Studio Hermanides, who was the owner’s design representative for Sørvind’s build.

The Farr-designed SW105 platform lends itself well to customisation. Sørvind is a full carbon build with an extra-large Hall Spars rig, and a new cockpit design. Subtle changes were made to the coachroof that give her a subtly unique silhouette.

What about performance? Sørvind is the fifth yacht in a mini-series and a further development of nearly 30 Southern Wind yachts in this size range. This prior knowledge and experience has allowed us to be very accurate with the weight calculation and provide very precise figures about the weight and position on board. The resulting displacement of 65.9 tons, combined with the extra sail area, should ensure exceptional performance in light airs.

Sørvind clocked 17kts boatspeed on her very first sailing sea trial, which shows that Southern Wind Shipyard is confident to push these yachts on sea trials, even on the first one. With numbers like that, she really will be a joy to sail.

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