SOUTHERN WIND CREW COCKTAIL: The responsibility of working in a fortunate “bubble”

A warm springtime evening in Palma di Mallorca welcomed our captains and crews in occasion of the Southern Wind Crew Cocktail, held at the Puro Hotel Rooftop last Sunday May 1st. We wish to thank everyone who participated and for those who couldn’t attend, we wish to share the fond message that our commercial director, Andrea Micheli, had for all members of the Southern Wind family.

“It has been a while since we have seen each other and it’s such a pleasure to welcome so many of you here tonight for the Southern Wind Crew Cocktail.

Over these past two years of the pandemic we were all working to deliver good things to our owners, clients and friends. In this time the shipyard launched three yachts: Morgana, Taniwha and Sorvind, now on her maiden voyage. We’re now busy building two more yachts: SW96#04 and SW108 Hybrid. We all feel lucky to be in this particular industry that we have chosen. It’s fascinating, special and different from any other and at the end of the day it’s about “entertainment”. As such, we succeed in our jobs if our stakeholders and owners enjoy what we put out there for them.


And they enjoy our work if WE enjoy it too.

Southern Wind Cocktail Crew

Together, we support owners like Sherpas to create and deliver our respective output: interesting projects and fabulous yachts that become the platforms for incredible sailing experiences in beautiful environments that can only be only enjoyed in a collaborative spirit. Southern Wind does its part by working hard, investing, improving and learning from our mistakes, constantly raising the bar on what we can accomplish, but it’s pivotal to do all of this in close collaboration with you.

We are lucky to work together in a fortunate “bubble”, a place where the interests of the shipyard and our Captains and crews are shared. We need to defend our bubble industry while helping it to grow. In thanking you for your collaboration, we take this opportunity to ask for even closer collaboration for the benefit of the whole Southern Wind family!


See you in Porto Cervo or at sea this coming summer”.

Southern Wind Cocktail Crew
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