January 19 2022

Starting from November 2021, Southern Wind is proudly among the partners of “The Little Optimist Trust”, a Public Benefit Organization whose aim is to use the exposure to sailing as a means to facilitate healing (both mental and physical), as well as to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

It’s in the association strong belief that Sailing Therapy experiences and programs play a key role in helping kids who are compromised either health or socio-economically wise, to overcome their physical and mental hardships.

Studies have shown that similar types of activity, have resulted in the improvement in motor skills and coordination, self-confidence, independence, identity formation, focus, and pride through accomplishment.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, “The Little Optimist Trust” runs ad-hoc sailing therapy experience and focuses on teachings around Ocean Health, Plastic Pollution, water safety and the Growth Mindset.

They use Optimist Dinghies (and as few larger dinghies) to offer little sailors a fantastic experience, a new skill and the ultimate passion.

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We met Greg and could touch with hand the commitment he is putting in this charitable project; his passion has been contagious, and as a prominent builder of “sailing dreams”, we felt Southern Wind could have been the right partner to support the “V&A Waterfront Sailing Therapy Program”.
This unique program is specifically designed to teach, inspire & impact at-risk youth in disadvantaged areas, with compromised educational, health or socio-economic circumstances.
This is an experiential learning & therapy opportunity that they would normally have no access to.

They offer kids their first experience in a boat and to sail.
The new collaboration with the V&A Waterfront is a big step towards the association’s dream of an innovative program, in the most unique & safe venue.
The aim of the project is to engage 450 kids/annum (from 9 to 14 years) for a 1, 2 or 3 day programs.

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