Versatile Seaside Lounge: an unparalleled connection with the sea 

Fifteen years ago Southern Wind launched its first SW100, starting a chain of events that would redefine the 30m sector of the super sailing yacht world. Reaping the experience construction of nearly 15 performance sailing yachts in the 100 feet range, in 2023 Southern Wind returned to the root inspiration for all these yachts, to widen their offering with the brand new SW100X that comprises all the greatest attributes her descendants with all the latest technical and design features available today.

Once again conceived by the historically successful partnership of Southern Wind with Farr Yacht Design and Nauta Design, the SW100X project has been in a conceptual stage for several years thus reaching an exclusive level of calibration, efficiency and functionality.

SW100X main innovation can be found in the groundbreaking design of the versatile Seaside Lounge, that creates a 20.2 sqm beach club in the aft cockpit linked directly to the enlarged swim platform and to the sea below. Beneath the lounge, a William 435 Sport Jet tender or other voluminous toys, such as dinghies, bikes, motorbikes, or a small utility car, can be stored.


The aft cockpit of the SW100X can be configured in three modes:

1. Sailing mode: full-beam aft cockpit with the steering pedestals maximum outboard;

2. Lounge mode: 20m2 of beach club with integrated settees;  the lounge can be configured in a variety of ways, with either large sunbeds, L-shaped settees or transformable coffee tables.

3. Garage launching mode: configured for launching/storing of 4.35m dinghy or a small utility vehicle or other voluminous toys. Tender is launched and retrieved with a removable davit and lazarette spaces are accessible via a centerline hatch.

This innovative solution makes better usage of the aft deck and quickly folds away to retain the sporty lines of a performance sailing yacht.

The system consists of twin rotary ultra-lightweight electric actuators (brushless) with an approximate power of 2kW @220VAC. The use of brushless electric motors ensures higher efficiency and lower maintenance.

This system grants full redundancy owing to the twin motors and the possibility to disengage the motors to operate the system manually by means of an emergency crank handle.


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