SW96 Liberty embarks on her Maiden Voyage from Cape Town to the Mediterreanean Sea

Following her launch in February, Liberty, the fifth unit of the SW96 project, has set sail from Cape Town and started her 7500 mile maiden voyage to Europe.

The owner, a European yachtsman on his second Southern Wind Yacht, expresses his satisfaction after his initial sailing experience in Cape Town: “The final product has fully met my expectations of building a performing yet very stylish yacht. Being at the helm for the first time in the beautiful setting of Cape Town’s bay was fantastic, the culmination of a long process where all parties involved brought to the table their professional skills as well as their enthusiasm and passion for this kind of project. I was very pleased with all the choices that we made and I’m looking forward to sail her extensively with my family this summer in the Med.”

Liberty epitomizes the type of project where Southern Wind excels. As Niki Jennings, the yard Project Manager for Liberty explains. “The brief closely aligned to our own principles of building elegant performance cruisers that are practical and seaworthy. At every point of the decision making, these principles were considered. That is not to say that the aesthetics, and the occasional folly, did not play a role. They certainly did. Liberty would not be a true Southern Wind if she didn’t have the  characteristic Italian style.”


When it comes to style, the signature is always that of Nauta Design, responsible for both the interior and exterior design. Massimo Gino, its partner, confirms, “The fifth unit of the lucky series of the SW96 project benefits from several updates in deck style and details introduced in recent years: teak detail, coaming, and finishing are clearly recognizable when looking at the beautiful pictures from Cape Town. Below deck, the bright and calm wood color palette gives the boat a contemporary elegance and inviting feeling.”

This feeling is enhanced by the soft fabrics and nuanced details introduced by Ebony Design (Cape Town), responsible for the yacht’s decoration.

Mario Giattino, Superyacht Sails Coordinator and Director of Doyle Italia, took care of ensuring optimal sail propulsion for Liberty. Following recent sea trials in Cape Town, Giattino remarks, “I am extremely pleased with the positive results of the sail tests conducted on Liberty, the fifth 96-footer by Southern Wind that we have had the privilege to work on. The test results confirm the quality and effectiveness of our work, ensuring optimal performance and safe, efficient navigation.”


And now it’s time to set sail, fair winds Liberty!



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