Southern Wind Response to COVID-19: Your Safety, Our Care

Southern Wind wishes to inform you that in compliance with the measures contained in the South African Government’s COVID-19 Disaster Management Act, the shipyard will be closed from March 26th to April 16th unless stated otherwise.

In response to the unprecedented threat to public health, society and business activity caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic SOUTHERN WIND is taking all the possible steps to protect the health and safety of its employees while ensuring the continuity of its business and services.

Our main responsibility, as a company and as citizens, is to help stop the spread of this virus. We are doing so by complying with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), governments and health authorities both in South Africa, where our production takes place, and in Italy, where our Sales, Marketing and Customer Care team is based.

As soon as the emergency became imminent some weeks ago, SOUTHERN WIND started working in compliance with the guidelines of the WHO and national health authorities to minimize the risk of contagion among our employees and workers.

Technical These guidelines include:

  • Creation of an Emergency Executive Committee: with the aim of defining the crisis strategy, distributing authority and sharing information with the entire organization. The committee is composed of manager shareholders supported by HR, Production, Technical and Facilities.
  • Safety on the Production Site: through the implementation of sanitary measures in every area of the yard, including thermal scanning of all employees and visitors when entering the premises. An outsource transport company was used to transport our employees, those who makes use of public transport to prevent /minimize the risk.
  • New Team Organization: Production and Technical teams were divided into subgroups and shifts to respect social distancing guidelines when working (prevention) and to mitigate work disruption in case of implementation of quarantine measures involving any subgroup (reaction).
  • Guidelines to Prevent Possible Contagion: were given to employees through webinars, newsletters and ad hoc signage, to reduce the risk of contagion, to identify early Covid-19 symptoms and to provide information on how to stay safe.
  • Working from Home: Southern Wind made resources, technology and communication tools available so that employees can work from home. These tools will remain available even after restrictions are lifted.
  • Employee’s Update and Support System: a digital platform was established to help maintain team spirit and the chance to be there for each other by providing support, advice, image sharing and updates on the situation’s development.

All of these measures will be integrated and fine-tuned should new recommendations arrive from the Public Authorities.

The collective response in our company in the face of this situation has been outstanding, both for the responsibility that our employees have shown in their jobs and for their solidarity and generosity. For all of its drawbacks, this emergency has also offered new confirmation that Southern Wind is more than a brand, it’s a real family.

We remain positive about the future and believe that only the strength of a family and the whole community can lead us through to calm waters where we can sail smoothly, together again.

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