19 October 2022


Last night was special for the Southern Wind family, who celebrated the end of summer with a reunion dedicated to Captains and crew. The gathering was held in Sineu, a mediaeval village in Palma de Mallorca.The dinner offered the occasion to highlight the work done by our Customer Care team, which has been supporting our owners, Captains and crew worldwide for almost 20 years.

Andrea Micheli, SW Chief Commercial Officer said: “The ultimate purpose of the Southern Wind Customer Care team is to assure continuous technical improvement and to enhance our yacht’s reliability by offering assistance to our crews while providing technical feedback to the yard in a structured manner

Southern Wind Reunion

I joined the Southern Wind team in 2003 specifically with the goal to set up a Customer Care department, bringing into yachting some of the experience of the commercial aviation industry. The aim was to have a dedicated, service oriented department, external to the production but close to the boats sailing, that could assist our captains around the world, learning from their experiences and from innovations in the industry. Customer Care has played a pivotal role in consolidating the reputation for reliability that Southern Wind yachts enjoy. This team’s service has became the gold standard in the sailing yacht industry, despite our yachts becoming more complicated over the years.

Considering the size and homogeneity of our fleet, we opted to deploy our Customer Service team wherever our clients are rather than setting up service bases. Our after sales team is therefore based in Genoa, where we concentrated other services such as the Charter and Yacht Management. This created an efficient and cost effective way to concentrate and grow our know-how. The success of our Customer Care team comes from the trusting and long standing relationships we build with our Captains, crews and selected partners and the presence of 55 people tonight confirms we are doing well”.

Southern Wind Reunion

The customer care team, was protagonist last night:

Cristina Timone, Commercial Manager of the team since 2020, above all, acts as client account for yachts under warranty. Having her manage the delivery of new yachts in tandem with the technical team in Cape Town has proved to be a game changer as it grants full continuity on the technical history of the yacht and allows the Customer Care team to engage with crews before they take delivery of their yachts.

Francesco Volpi, Customer Care Technical Manager, has been offering his expert and professional support to Captains since 2007. With three deliveries from Cape Town under his belt and wide ranging technical knowledge, Francesco represents the ultimate point of reference for any Southern Wind Captain.

Cristina and Francesco lead a team of 4 experts who are in constant contact with the yard in Cape Town and who collaborate with a select group of trusted suppliers.

Southern Wind Reunion

This event also offered the opportunity to nominate Raimon Pascò as Southern Wind Ambassador for having supervised the construction of 3 yachts at Southern Wind (Kiboko SW72, SW94 and SW105.) His passion, fairness and determination represent Southern Wind values and his support is much appreciated.

Southern Wind Reunion

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