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In recent years, the superyacht market has been characterized by a growing interest in large high-performance yachts featuring an elevated level of customisation. This demand cannot be overlooked by Southern Wind Shipyard. Although they are experts in semi-custom production, Southern Wind occasionally consider the construction of custom sailing yachts. SWS carries out a careful evaluation of a specific project proposed by the owner and his naval architect to assess its complexity and to determine if it is a good fit for the shipyard’s objectives. Southern Wind’s luxury sailing yachts are designed with a combination of advanced technology and exceptional craftsmanship. Each composite custom sailing yacht boasts blue water capabilities and cruising comfort, as it is in Southern Wind’s DNA. The construction of full custom projects represented important opportunities for the shipyard to develop new technologies and solutions that were transferred into the semicustom miniseries.


Stemming from the DNA of Southern Wind, the new SW100X will combine all the knowledge and experience gained from the construction of nearly 40 performance sailing yachts.

SW-RP90-AllSmoke-Southern Wind Yacht

SW-RP90 Allsmoke

A custom yacht penned by Reichel/Pugh and Nauta Desing, this 90 footer is a modern, high performance blue water racer cruiser that combines the comforts of a modern superyacht with exceptional sailing performance for both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean regatta circuits.

RP-Nauta 100 Morgana Custom Built Sailing Yacht

RP-Nauta 100 Morgana

After the SW-RP90 delivered in 2016, a new custom yacht is under construction at Southern Wind Shipyard: the RP-NAUTA 100. This yacht has been commissioned by an experienced yachtsman who has placed his trust in the shipyard’s new shareholders.

Delivered in 2016, the Reichel/Pugh designed SW-RP90 Allsmoke is a 27.5m modern, racer cruiser, which was built with the Mediterranean and the Caribbean regatta circuits in mind. Allsmoke’s hull and appendages benefited from extensive research and performance studies on other 90-foot yachts. The ergonomic deck layout complements her interior to optimise weight and the lifting keel (3.8-5.8m) allows access to shallow harbours without compromising on stability. The owner’s cabin features an ensuite studio and convertible settee and the crew’s quarters aft are discretely placed so as not to disturb the guests.

Riding on the success of the SW-RP90, a new 30.5m luxury sailing yacht is under construction at the shipyard for delivery in summer 2020. The RP-NAUTA 100 Morgana was commissioned by an experienced yachtsman who requires a high-performance-oriented cruiser. This custom sailing yacht is a collaboration between Nauta Design, Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design, Gurit (structural engineering) and Southern Wind for systems.

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