With a production rate of two yachts per year, Southern Wind boasts a recognized positioning in the market of semi-custom performance carbon yachts from 24 to 35m, with medium light displacement. They embody notions of seaworthiness, reliability and durability without compromising on the comfort expected of a luxury cruiser.

Southern Wind semi-custom design and construction offers the most versatile and cost-effective platforms, that are consistently tested and improved. Each of the shipyard’s luxury cruising yachts represents the master shipbuilders’ innovation and skill, consolidating its exemplary reputation. Collaborations with renowned naval architects Farr Yacht Design and Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design have added to the yachts’ overall aesthetic and performance. Southern Wind carbon yachts are made to cross the oceans in safety in any weather conditions.. Its dedication to reliability is put to the ultimate test when every Southern Wind yacht takes its maiden voyage, a distance of more than 4,000 nautical miles from South Africa to the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the longstanding collaboration with the renowned Italian designer, Nauta Design, the carbon yacht fleet stands out for its contemporary and functional Italian design and flavour with great attention on the comfort expected from a luxury cruising yacht.

A high performance cruiser featuring outstanding light wind speed with a manageable rig size.
The 31+m yacht is simple yet elegant and proved to be the ideal bluewater cruiser for coastal and transatlantic regattas.

This smartly customisable performance yacht can host three different keel configurations (fixed, telescopic, lifting)
and three different deck configuration (Deck Saloon, Raised Saloon and GT).

The SW120 is the next step in the legacy of Southern Wind Shipyard and combines all the knowledge and experience gained from numerous prior luxury cruising yachts’ constructions.

The SW-RP90 is a blend of the owner’s vision and Reichel/Pugh’s expert design and engineering capabilities.
The larger custom RP-Nauta 100 was commissioned by an experienced yachtsman who trusted Southern Wind to collaborate, construct and deliver a high-performance full carbon cruiser.

Southern Wind has inhabited the niche of producing composite sailing yachts.
Ever since its FARR 72 series, the shipbuilder has concentrated on research, development, craftsmanship and innovation.