The SWCAT90 is a 27m sailing catamaran, constructed in carbon composite, combining all the greatest attributes of the SWS monohull yachts into a versatile catamaran design. It offers an even higher level of comfort and greater autonomy, with the ability to stay at sea for longer without touching ports.


Main Specifications

Main Data

27.07 m
26.96 m
Beam (Max):
11.17 m
56 270 kg
10.66 m


Advanced composite sandwich
Inner skin: Carbon/epoxy resin;
Core: Corecell;
Outer skin: E-glass & Aramid /epoxy resin
Advanced composite sandwich
Inner skin: Carbon/epoxy resin;
Core: Corecell;
Outer skin: Carbon /epoxy resin
Honeycomb or foam sandwich structure with wooden oak veneers


Naval Architect:
Nauta Design
General Concept:
Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design
Deck & Interior:
Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design
Southern Wind Shipyard


The SWCAT90 concept was developed in collaboration with our long-term partner Nauta Design, who were responsible for the interior and exterior design and styling. Berret-Racoupeau, a catamaran specialist design firm based in La Rochelle, was responsible for the naval architecture. Southern Wind Shipyard has been recognized as the preeminent builder of 27-35m composite sailing yachts that combine performance with comfort and reliability. These elements have become part of the DNA of every SWS yacht. In response to a demand for greater levels of comfort without compromising on performance, the shipyard has developed a new sailing catamaran project that embodies and enhances these principles.


The SWCAT90 superyacht catamaran has been developed as a versatile platform that can be tailored to an owner’s wishes and allows for a high level of customization. Whether an owner’s priorities are incredible performance, eco-friendly sustainability, or to have the perfect luxury charter yacht, the SWCAT90 can be adapted and enhanced to meet expectations.


The space and volume available on a sailing catamaran of this scale is comparable to a 39m monohull. With 171m2 of interior floorspace, the SWCAT90 features a vast saloon area of 45m2 with 360° panoramic views. The deck space, including the flybridge and two cockpits, is an impressive 207m2, an increase of 50% when compared to a similarly sized monohull. The interior layout offers four guest cabins plus two or three crew cabins, with the crew quarters separated from the luxury guest areas to allow for maximum privacy.


Berret-Racoupeau brought their knowledge and expertise to this partnership. Performance was high on our list of priorities, ensuring not only boat speed but a superyacht catamaran that appeals to the senses and is a pleasure to sail. Two sail plan options have been developed to appeal to the varying expectations of potential owners. For the appendages high-efficiency curved daggerboards with T-rudders offer an increase in boat speed, while improving comfort by reducing pitching in rough conditions.The hulls, bridge deck and superstructure will be constructed in carbon fibre sandwich, utilising the specialized infusion technique. The specification and equipment selection for this SWCAT90 are in line with the highest superyacht catamaran standards and chosen with the environment in mind.

“With this exciting new project, SWS has magnified its greatest qualities and will deliver a sailing catamaran that is fast and fun, allowing its owner to sail to the furthest corners of the globe in the ultimate comfort and safety.”

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